Bonjour !

I think that software development is a form of Art. As in poetry, we have to use a particular technique, carefully chosen among thousands of others, to find the right words and obtain the best results. As in architecture, we have to build the strongest foundations, allowing the rest of the construction to stay up, and to add new features (or living rooms) without struggle.

I’m constantly looking for better tools or new programming techniques that will make my code stronger, cleaner, and more maintainable. That is why I’m very curious.

I’m currently a student at Epitech Paris, where I had the opportunity to learn solid bases in low-level software programming. These bases, along with Epitech’s « Project Pedagogy », allow me to learn new technologies in an autonomous way, and very quickly.

However, in my opinion, knowledge has to be shared with others. That is why I’m always very happy to meet other people, and discuss about common hobbies in real life !

Dear unknown, visitor, friend, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to meet or discuss about anything !

Here is a link to my portfolio as well.

Theo Penavaire

My software repositories: Github   LinkedIn   SoundCloud   Spotify   Twitter   Stack Overflow Logo


Concordia University (Montréal) (2018 - 2019)

Software Engineering - Year abroad

Epitech (Paris) (2015 - 2020)

Diplôme d'expert en Informatique

Notre-Dame de Sannois high-school (2012 - 2015)

Baccalauréat ES (Economic & Social) Mention Très Bien


VR-Connection Logo .NET / Unity3D Developer
VR Connection (January - August 2018)

Development of a VR arcade room management system. The infrastructure is based on a client/server architecture, and calls various APIs. It will allow a complete automation of the rooms where it will be installed, across France and the world.
Stack: Unity3D, C# (.NET framework), Visual Studio, Network, SQL Server

Taker Logo IT Consultant
Taker (Junior conseil) (September 2017 - April 2018)

Consultant in the business pole. I'm in charge of several projects, and my work mainly consists in analyzing the client's needs, writing specifications, and building a team of developers. I must then make sure the project is well on track, to deliver it to the client when it's done.
Stack: Business, Analysis and Team leader skills

KTF Logo .NET / Unity3D Developer
Kiss The Future (September - December 2017)

Development of VR/AR applications. Participation in the conception of a networked space shooter VR game. Code optimizations, bugs correction, implementation of new features.
Stack : Unity3D, C# (.NET framework), Visual Studio, VRTK, UNET

Biper StudioLogo Web Developper
Biper Studio - 75011 (July - December 2016)

I worked on several websites with a high number of visitors per day (SEH, a group managing about 500 hotels across Europe, and Le RIF, a real estate agency). I developped new features on these websites, along with correcting bugs on production environments. I also had the opportunity to maintain production databases.
Stack : Symfony2/3, PHP, SQL, JQuery, Twig, CSS


85% Complete
Web development (ReactJS - SASS - Webpack - RestAPI - NodeJS - Symfony - Webdesign)
80% Complete
.NET/Unity Development
75% Complete
English (Read, Write, Speak - TOEFL score: 105/120 - C1 level)
85% Complete
Office environment (Office 365/Google Suite - Adobe (Ps, Ai, Pr, Xd) - Linux - Windows - MacOS)
70% Complete

Other skills

Python - Java (+ AndroidStudio) - PhP - Git - Github - Software architecture and processes - Project Management


Microsoft Logo 1st prize of the Microsoft challenge at the Vivatech hackathon (June 2017)

With a team of 10 other people, we built and pitched a prototype of Angela, a bot powered by IA and machine learning. Angela is focused on helping new employees to share their passions and discuss easily with their coworkers.


Coding Club by Epitech (2016 - 2018)

Helping high-school students to discover code with small workshops (Programming a game, a website, ...)
--> Ability to explain programming concepts in an understandable way for non-programmers, patience

Zup de Co (2015 - 2016)

High school tutor (maths, french, history, english)
--> Patience, perseverance, strategy (keep the student focused on his work)