Hi, I'm Théo

Software developer

Fullstack Software Developer

My favorite languages are .NET and React.js.
I enjoy working in automated environments, with Git, Docker and Python.


I like to build websites with React.js.
When I'm tired of code, I experiment with Graphic Arts (Photography, UI Design, 3D Modelling).
Favorite reading topics include Tech News, History, Philosophy, and Sci-fi.


French is my native language.
I'm fluent in English (TOEFL score: 105/120).


Epitech Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Paris (France), 2015 - 2020

Epitech does not teach technologies, but instills behaviors that allow each student the capacity to evolve, to learn independently, to comprehend business practices, to work in teams and to convince decision-makers.

During these years I studied Software Architecture and Low-level Programming (Windows & Unix), Networking and Project Management.


Year abroad in Software Engineering

Montréal (Canada), 2018 - 2019

Truly different and complementary to Epitech, Concordia offers more specialized courses in advanced areas of software engineering.
Studying there in English was a great experience for me.

During this year I studied Artificial Intelligence, Advanced game development & AI in games, Software Architecture and Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

Baccalauréat ES Mention Très Bien

Sannois (France), 2012 - 2015

Score: 17.5/20.
Mathematics, Arts (Architecture photography), Music options.

Optimizing build, test and deployment pipelines for the High-End Graphics team (HDRP, VFX Graph). Building tools to automate & improve workflows.

  • #Unity
  • #Scripting
  • #Git
  • #Python

Built a VR arcade room management system, including a VR experiences catalogue interface for the final users and a back office for the stakeholders. The system was deployed in more than 10 european countries.

  • #.NET
  • #Unity
  • #SQL
  • #Visual Studio
  • #Git
  • #Network
  • #Architecture

Consultant in the business pole. Customer needs analysis, specifications writing, accounting and team management. Managed 20k€ worth of projects.

  • #Project Management
  • #Customer relationships
  • #Accounting

Worked on VR/AR applications, including code optimizations, bugs correction, implementation of new features. Prototyped a networked space shooter game.

  • #.NET
  • #Unity
  • #VR
  • #Visual Studio
  • #Git
  • #Architecture

Worked with a team in charge of several websites with thousands of visitors per day (Real estate agencies, Hotel businesses). Developed new features, fixed bugs, managed production databases.

  • #Symfony
  • #SQL
  • #Apache
  • #Git
  • #Architecture

Ubisoft Game Lab Competition - Jury's Special Prize

Montréal (Canada), Jan. - Apr. 2019

During 10 weeks we built a complete video game for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition. With Witchin' Kitchen, a fast-paced multiplayer game, we won the Jury's special award and 2000$.


Boston Hacks

Boston (USA), Nov. 2018

BostonHacks is a hackathon organized by the Major League Hacking at the University of Boston, Massachusetts. With my team we came up with the idea of a music application, taking advantage of both BOSE and Spotify APIs.
It was challenging but really fun to immerse myself in the north american way of thinking.


Vivatech hackathon - First Prize for Microsoft's ML and AI track

Paris (France), June 2017

We built and pitched a prototype of Angela, a bot powered by AI and Machine Learning. Angela is focused on helping new employees to share their passions and get in touch with their coworkers. The Microsoft jury awarded us the first prize and 10 000€.

[My next project]

I spend most of my free time working on side projects. What will be next?..

Witchin' Kitchen

Video game built for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition in 10 weeks (Quebec - 2019).


Rewriting of my personal website by hand. I built the back-end part with ASP.Net Core and the front-end part with React JS. I used GraphQL to connect them.

C++ Tools

My own set of tools and utilities for every C++ project.


Three years long graduation project. Creaflow improves the workflow of creative people and companies that hire them.