The game is available here: .  It is very easy to try it, a ZIP folder or an installer are available.

Project-SR3076 is a very cool arcade game, inspired by the best of the 80’s. Get ready for synthwave vibes and Tron-like neons, and try to make it to the top of highscores !
In a procedurally-generated environment, you will have to master car controls, as obstacles will be more and more difficult to avoid.

This game was made by a team of 8 students in 2 months, at Concordia University (Montréal, Canada). We had to build a video game from scratch and present it to the class.

I was involved in the following:

  • Project management:
    • Ensuring that meetings took place on a regular basis.
    • Distributing tasks among group members.
    • We used Github, Trello and Google Drive.
    • Brainstorming, Game/Level designing…
  • Art Direction
    • Car modelling (the car is the central piece of the game), using Blender.
    • Lighting (We wanted to give the game a Synthwave/Tron feeling).
    • Music, ensuring that it was royalty-free and adjusting it via Audacity.
    • Sound effects, using FL Studio.
    • VFX, using shaders.
  • Support on various tasks
    • Car behaviour scripts.
    • Game Controller script.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Project presentations
    • Redaction of the Game Document Design (GDD).
    • Preparation of presentation slides (Powerpoint).
    • Upload of the game on and website management.


It was a really cool project. I had the opportunity to discover the great number of roles and tasks needed to create a video game. The project was built using Unity 2018.


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