🏆 Jury's Special Award (2000$)

Group project - Concordia University - Ubisoft GameLab Competition

Jan. to Apr. 2019

Winning project of the Jury's Special Prize, rewarding a perfect balance between all components of the game: gameplay, art direction, technicality, integration with the theme.
Nominations for "Best Creativity and Theme Integration" and "Best Prototype".

For 10 weeks our team developed a complete video game around the theme "Spectacle", an opportunity to work on the interaction between players and their audience.
Witchin'Kitchen is a local competition game, which faces up to 4 players, and involves the audience via a mobile application.

For this project, I had the pleasure to work on the following points:
- Lead developer of the mobile application (made with Unity). UI/UX design and implementation
- R&D and writing of the communication protocol between the NodeJS server, the game and the mobile application.
- Gameplay programming on the main game (made with Unity)
- Programming Network on the main game
- UI programming on the main game
- Involvement in Game Design discussions throughout the development.

The game's source code along with the server and the mobile app can be found on Github.